18 August 2021


What is Autism Connect?

Autism Connect is Australia’s first national autism helpline.

The free service by Amaze offers advice to parents and professionals about a range of topics including assessment and diagnosis, school and education, referrals to services and more.

Autism Connect is a free, national autism helpline, providing independent and expert information over phone, email and webchat.

It supports autistic people, their families and carers, health professionals, researchers, teachers, employers and the broader community. 

Autism Connect advisors offer expert advice in many areas, including:

  •   Exploring autism and autistic identity
  •   Assessment and diagnosis support
  •   School and education
  •   The NDIS
  •   Transition to employment
  •   Behaviour and communication strategies
  •   Referrals to services peer support connections,
  •   Finding autism-friendly places and events, and
  •   Making environments accessible.

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