19 August 2020

Brother to Brother is Australia's first 24-hour hotline assisting Aboriginal men throughout COVID-19

The crisis number is 1800 435 799

The line is staffed by Aboriginal men, including elders, to promote a culturally-safe service.

Brother to Brother is the only hotline in Australia specifically created to assist Aboriginal men seeking help during the coronavirus crisis.

The service was created by Dardi Munwurro, an organisation that delivers a range of family violence programs specifically targeting Aboriginal men. It aims to break the cycle of inter-generational trauma in Indigenous communities. CEO Alan Thorpe said the pandemic has highlighted a gap in services.

"What we've come to realise is that a lot of services are conditioned to work from 9–5 but we can do a lot of prevention work outside those hours," he said.

Six men from the Aboriginal community, including Elders, are working for the hotline and answering calls on a daily basis. Since the line was launched in March, it has received an average of 100 calls each month.

To find out more visit Brother to Brother