FREE legal advice and assistance around NDIS Decisions

23 September 2020

Legal Aid NSW is offering free legal advice and assistance about NDIS decisions including decisions about..

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Support Coordination & Plan Management – How to know the Difference?

21 September 2020

NDIS provides wonderful supports for NDIS participants and Support Coordination and Plan Management are both services that help participants get their plans up and running but both do so in very different ways. ..

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NDIS Plan Management - What you need to know!

13 September 2020

There are many misunderstandings when it comes to getting Plan Management in your NDIS plan. Plan Management is available to all participants in the NDIS and we are here to fill you in on what you need to know about Plan Management to ensure you are making the right choice!..

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Counselling and support for people affected by the Disability Royal Commission

06 September 2020

Relationships Australia NSW provides free counselling and support for all people (including First Nations, culturally and linguistically diverse and LGBTQ+) affected by the Disability Royal Commission who reside in Sydney and are living with a disability or in a caring or support role...

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Which NDIS Support Coordinator is right for you?

26 August 2020

Your NDIS Plan has been received, what an amazing moment it is but at the same time you look at it and feel overwhelmed. Where should you start? What services do you need? Finding NDIS services that suit you and your needs can be tricky. It’s complicated and time consuming and how do you know you have the right one? ..

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Launch of MySigns

19 August 2020

A NEW Digital mental health tool for people with intellectual disability..

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