Why LotUs Assist?
Because our vision is a connection with yoU! 


Why the lotus flower?

It is a funny thing how people weave in and out of our lives in ways that we cannot predict. They can challenge the way in which we view the world and reshape our thoughts and purpose both intimately and professionally, making a significant contribution to the people we ultimately become.

Having the privilege of working with a delightful Cambodian family, a beautiful lady we supported lost her battle with cancer. Whilst struggling to accept she was dying her culture and beliefs gave her the peace she needed to let go. Her strength and courage touched us and since the lotus has always played a significant role in our lives.

This beautiful flower represents our values and beliefs that influence our decisions and actions and aligns with our goal of improving quality of life. We assist you to live your life with a LotUs-like mind and heart, to become mindful, compassionate and in charge of your life. 

At LotUs Assist, we believe in supporting you to stand on your own, just as the lotus flower does. We are dedicated to work alongside you, focusing on your needs alone. We focus on building your capability which ensures greater choice and control, and most importantly, allows YOU to bloom to your full potential, to live the life you want.

The lotus flower stands on its own, rising above the adversity of the muddy water. Its stem remains securely anchored, strong and flexible.  At the core of the flower are the pods. In life, the pods represent us, our family, our friends, our carers and supports. With the support of our pods, we bloom, one petal at a time, just as the lotus flower does. The petals represent our potential and possibilities and our journey of overcoming the obstacles we face one step at a time. As we bloom, we create ripples in the water that surrounds us. These ripples are symbolic of our personal growth, as we gain more wisdom, compassion and kindness. 

The lotus flower is a survivor. It pushes through the muddy water in search of support from the sun. Each petal that opens signifies the achievements of the flower in overcoming the challenges it faced. At LotUs Assist, we provide hope and resilience, guiding you from the darkness and giving you the power to rise and thrive, stronger than ever before to live a fulfilled life.

Local Artist, Felicity Cocuzzoli

LotUs Assist would like to acknowledge and thank local Artist, Felicity Cocuzzoli for giving us the gift of this beautiful piece of art and permission to use it as part of our branding.

Indigo Expressive Arts’ fine art prints are produced and developed in Newcastle NSW. Indigo Expressive Arts provides a platform for sharing a passion for arts as knowing, meaning-making, connecting and belonging in this crazy world...

Whilst raising awareness of Women’s Cancers.