08 August 2020


WellMob: the one-stop website to enhance wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 

Finally, some great wellbeing resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can be accessed on the Internet. A new website, called WellMob, has recently launched and is very useful and helpful.

WellMob brings together over 200 videos, apps, podcasts and other websites in the one place and is free to access.

The website was developed by eMHPrac (e-mental health in practice) in partnership with the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. David Edwards, a Worimi man who project managed the website for eMHPrac, said "Input from around the country has ensured WellMob was created for our mob, by our mob."

The new WellMob website is now available at WellMob

Other information can be found at HealthInfoNet

Helping to Close the Gap for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People.